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15 Liter Universal Bag

15L Universal Bag

These large capacity multipurpose bags are durably constructed yet remarkably compact and lightweight.

An extremely versatile piece of gear which can be used as a solar shower, drinking water reservoir, or dry bag.

Originally designed for use with our ShowerCoil™ system, these updated bags are lined with BPA-Free food-grade polyurethane making them great for dispensing drinking water* for larger groups or base camping. Also ideal for use as a large capacity reservoir* for third party inline gravity water filters.
(*1690 Hydration Kit required)


Durable • RF-Welded construction.
• Tough 210D Nylon/TPU Materials.
Versatile • Use as a solar shower, drinking water reservoir, or dry bag.
• Waterproof roll-down closure serves as a carrying handle.
• View water level or contents through the semi-transparent front panel.
• Evacuate air when needed using tethered purge valve.
• Wide, roll-top opening is great for packing gear or quickly filling from a lake or river, as well as offering a large access for cleaning and drying.
Safe-Drinking • BPA-free food grade polyurethane lining


Capacity 4 gallons / 15 liters
Dimensions (L x W): 28 in. x 14 in. / 35 x 70 cm
Weight 7.0 ounces / 200g
Materials Front Panel: Semi-Transparent TPU Film
Back Panel: Black 210D Nylon & TPU Laminate
Port: TPU
Tube: Silicone
Purge Valve: ABS
Temperature Rating 120°F / 49C
Waterproof Rating Properly sealed bag will float or can withstand full submersions up to 3 meters deep for short intervals.
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty