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Large Capacity Gravity Water Filter Kit

Large Capacity Gravity Water Filter Kit

For larger groups or base camping the BoundaryTEC Large Capacity Gravity Water Filter Kit increases the batch capacity of popular in-line gravity water filters. The kit includes (2) 15L Universal bags that hold four gallons of water and weigh less than 8 oz.

The durable, easy-to-fill roll top bags are constructed of nylon and food-grade polyurethane. Colored bands are included to identify the clean and dirty water bags.

The versatile bags can also be used as a solar shower or drysack. In addition, a shower head attachment and nylon storage bag are included with the kit.

To filter water, one water bag is filled with dirty water and elevated a few feet above an empty clean bag. The included tubing kit connects the dirty water bag to a separately purchased in-line water filter and then to the clean water bag. The elevation difference pressurizes the water through the filter eliminating the need for pumping.

Several manufacturer's gravity in-line filters may be used with the kit such as the Sawyer Mini, HydroBlu Versa Flow, MSR AutoFlow, or Platypus Gravity Works. (purchased separately)


Safe-Drinking • BPA-free food grade polyurethane lining
Versatile • Use as a gravity filter system, solar shower, or dry bag.
• Waterproof roll-down closure serves as a carrying handle.
• View water level or contents through the semi-transparent front panel.
• Evacuate air when needed using tethered purge valve.
• Wide, roll-top opening is great for packing gear or quickly filling from a lake or river, as well as offering a large access for cleaning and drying.


15L Bag Capacity 4 gallons / 15 liters
15L Bag Dimensions (L x W): 28 in. x 14 in. / 35 x 70 cm
Kit Weight 19 ounces / 540g
Included: (2) 15L Universal Bags (PN 1571)
(5ft) 1/4" I.D. Silicone tubing
(2) Adapter couplings
(2) Pinch Clamps
(2) Colored Identification bands (Dirty, Clean)
(1) Showerhead Attachment
(1) Nylon Drawstring Storage Bag
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty